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Mary Tyler Moore could always rock a pantsuit.


Mary Tyler Moore could always rock a pantsuit.

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- May 9 -

I did a Whole30 for April. Meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts - that’s it. I decided to do a Whole30 based on some health issues: muscle inflammation, acne (since age 10, ugh) and acid reflux. All three issues have landed me in doctor’s offices gulping medication. I was just done. I felt bad, I wasn’t happy and I was spending too much money on medication.

I also have a nasty habit of needing sugar like a maniac at 10 PM, which may result in terror like tantrums. Not pretty.

The Whole30 was simple in principle, hard in practice. Everything has added sugar or vegetable oil or legumes and grains. I may have wanted to quit it 6 or 7 times…an hour.

BUT I saw huge improvements in my life. I slept the whole night and woke up without coffee. I had the clearest skin of my life. No acid reflux, no muscle cramps, no joint pain. And no weird shoulder pain.

Part of Whole30 is reintroducing these things after 30 days to see what your body agrees with and what it really hates. Grains were an immediate trigger. I had shoulder pain 24 hours later as well as joint pain and less than glowing skin. Dairy brought back my acid reflux. I woke up through the night the other night.

A lot of symptoms I didn’t even consider came through after I finished Whole30. I’m going back. The joint pain is miserable, in my finger tips and knuckles. Acid reflux is enough to make you want to just die. And the shoulder pain - stabbing is really the best description.

So meats and vegetables with fruits and nuts. Easy shopping lists, delicious foods. There will be times I have chocolate croissants or ice cream, I will just have to pay a price.

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I did it.

- April 18 -

I ran an errand this morning. Took my pants to the dry cleaners. Also stopped for a coffee. ( Someone dropped her mug at home. Oops.)

I took a different route to the train today since my dry cleaners is a few blocks out of my way. My neighborhood has three shows filming on location this season - Elementary, Boardwalk Empires and Girls - and I understand why. Cobble Hill is breathtaking in the spring. So many blooming trees, so many areas of green poking through the old brownstones. Just the walk needed to start a long day at work.

This Saturday I plan to eat my breakfast on the deck. I’ll cheat and read the Sunday sections of the Times on Saturday. And then I’ll drown myself in research. It’ll be great. A great, happy life.



- April 17 -

I am slowly becoming a morning person. Slowly.

I have been on a pretty rigid eating plan for a few weeks now (Whole30, for inflammation in my muscles and clearer skin) and I’m without my morning granola and yogurt. Breakfast is now a “thing” I must plan and make. Each morning I wake up, start making a breakfast for myself, clean up that breakfast mess and eat.

A few months ago I stopped taking a coffee mug to work and started drinking my coffee in the morning at home. It gave me a few quiet moments before my hectic commute. And slowly I’ve started to take more moments in the morning.

My goal is to get to a point where I can run errands in the morning - gym, dry cleaners, maybe a grocery store visit - so that my evenings are clear. I want to drink cocktails on my deck and eat dinner before 9 PM this summer. I want my end of day to be an end of day, not a start time for errands.

So, slowly, mornings are becoming my thing. This is a pretty amazing point in my life, and I should seize all opportunities - even the early ones.

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